Sun Valley eXtracts SVX is a cooperative of MMJ industry experts with over 40 years of combined experience in growing and extracting high quality MMJ. Forced underground by unjust laws and misinformation these craftsmen and women nurtured a boutique market and creating many varieties of products to meet the needs of patients.

The Okanagan Valley had become a haven of pioneers and activists fighting for access to clean, safe, tested and affordable medicinal products.
With change in public opinion and a tidal wave of information and governments granting access these hidden gurus have chosen to band together to come out of the shadows and reach dispensaries and patients across Canada

For too long we have watched as unsafe products have been used as medicine to treat a vast array of ailments.
Mold, bacteria, trace solvents and unscrupulous lacing with addictive drugs all have been dangers of a hidden black market.
SVX is a source for dispensaries and medical professionals to access producers of top quality, safe and tested products.

Sun Valley eXtracts SVX Brand offers a variety of master crafted boutique shatters, waxes, budders and capsules.

Our partner producers such as Phant give you the selection and quality that will draw attention to your shop or society.

Quality, safety, testing and consistency is what has made SVX a respected and trusted source.