CanniMed® Ltd. was established in 2013 to provide Canadian patients with access to a standardized and trusted supply of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis.

Currently we operate under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations(ACMPR) governed by Health Canada.

Our history is much deeper, however. From 2000 – 2013 our parent company, Prairie Plant Systems, was the sole supplier to Health Canada of medical cannabis. As a result of over a decade and a half of hands-on experience, we have implemented standard procedures and processes that are in line with pharmaceutical manufacturing standards to ensure consistency of our products for Canadian patients.


Ongoing research into the efficacy of medical cannabis is critical, and at CanniMed we are taking a very active role in this endeavour. Our clinical trial program is robust and includes ongoing studies in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee, Tourette’s Syndrome and juvenile epilepsy.

To date, the pharmaceutical-grade cannabis produced by Prairie Plant Systems, under contract with CanniMed® Ltd., has been used in published clinical trial results to demonstrate the efficacy of smoked cannabis for chronic pain.